Navigating the Great Resignation

Navigating “The Great Resignation” and Lessons from a Lighter Capital portfolio company, by Melissa Widner, CEO Lighter Capital. Learn about mentor leadership & how to retain top talent.

Lead Velocity Rate LVR

What Is Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) and How to Calculate Velocity

Lead velocity rate (LVR) is a real-time metric that assesses your business’ potential for long-term growth by measuring the month to month percentage change in the number of qualified leads. By instituting a procedure to systematically qualify leads, LVR allows you to forecast sales from one month to the next.

What is a Product Innovation Strategy? (Definition and Examples)

Hitting cruise control on any part of your business can be problematic. Customer demands change, technology changes, and competitors appear out of nowhere. So how do you continue to maintain and prioritize the evolution of your product?

2021 Deal Roundup

2021 has been a very exciting year for Lighter Capital. We are proud and privileged to assist all of the companies that we provided capital and support to this year.  With non-dilutive transparent financing, all of our clients can keep their equity, board seats, and vision intact and face no hidden costs or fees.

Lighter Capital + Modern Logic 2022 Webinar Series Scaling and Accelerating SaaS Startups

Lighter Capital and Modern Logic, a digital product studio, are teaming up for another 4-part webinar series in 2022 that is sure to boost the success of your SaaS Business. 

Time Tracking Apps

What is TTV (Time to Value) in SaaS? What it Means and Why it Matters.

So, what is TTV? What does TTV stand for? What does TTV mean? Why is TTV important? In this blog, we take an in-depth look at the TTV metric to answer all of these questions and explore how it can be a valuable addition to your KPIs.

Benefits to Securing Funding Prior to the End of the Year

By securing funding before the end of the year, you will be able to hit the ground running after the holiday rush or lull, depending on the business. Instead of spending Q1 sorting your books, you will have a set budget to stay competitive.

Ansoff Matrix

What is Product Development Strategy (Definition and Examples)

At a certain point in your business, a growth plateau will be reached. This may happen due to changing market trends, new competitors, or shifting consumer behavior. No matter the reasons, this is the time when you’ll need to examine new strategies to increase your revenue.