BJ Lackland

BJ Lackland has spent nearly 20 years as an investor in and executive at startups, raising or investing over $200 million. As an investor he’s been a VC, an angel, and former CEO of Lighter Capital, where he oversaw over 550 alternative investments in early stage tech companies. As an executive, he’s been on the executive team of three companies, including as the CFO of a public energy tech company. Connect with him on LinkedIn, and follow him on Twitter @bjlackland.

Startup financing solutions

Introducing New Entrepreneur-Friendly Startup Financing Solutions

Startups have limited access to entrepreneur-friendly debt capital, so we’ve developed more flexible financing solutions to help you reach your next growth milestone – from revenue-based financing to term loans and lines of credit.

Revenue-based financing industry report

The First Ever Revenue-Based Financing Industry Report

Explore the changing landscape of tech startup financing and learn about the growing trend of alternative financing options like revenue-based financing.

SaaStr Annual Entrepreneurs

SaaS Entrepreneurs: Thank You for Joining Lighter Capital at SaaStr Annual!

SaaStr Annual 2019 is proof that this yearly event remains the most significant gathering of SaaS entrepreneurs on the planet. Thank you, from Lighter Capital!

Defining and Building Your Company Culture: 3 Keys to Success

How to Define and Build Your Company Culture: 3 Keys to Success

For successful entrepreneurs, it pays to think through your company culture early on — and choose your team wisely. Here are 3 tips for shaping a culture that ensures your dream team is poised to reach its goals — and won’t fall apart during times of crisis.

Lighter Capital Closes Its 300th Deal

Lighter Capital closed its 300th deal: a follow-on round for Mailprotector. We're aiming for 500 deals by July 2018, so hitting 300 is a big milestone.

Lighter Capital Makes the Inc. 5000 for the Second Year in a Row

Lighter Capital Makes the Inc. 5000 for the Second Year in a Row. Inc ranked Lighter Capital #634 as one of the fastest growing private companies in the US.

How Venture Capital Is Like a Hamster Wheel

Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that earning a first venture capital round is only one step in an exhausting cycle. I call this the hamster wheel.

5 Problems With Traditional Fundraising—and 1 Solution

Here are five problems with raising capital the old-school way, and one fundraising solution that’s starting to gain traction among tech startups.