Lead Velocity Rate LVR

What Is Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) and How to Calculate Velocity

Lead velocity rate (LVR) is a real-time metric that assesses your business’ potential for long-term growth by measuring the month to month percentage change in the number of qualified leads. By instituting a procedure to systematically qualify leads, LVR allows you to forecast sales from one month to the next.

Time Tracking Apps

What is TTV (Time to Value) in SaaS? What it Means and Why it Matters.

So, what is TTV? What does TTV stand for? What does TTV mean? Why is TTV important? In this blog, we take an in-depth look at the TTV metric to answer all of these questions and explore how it can be a valuable addition to your KPIs.

What is ARR

What is ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)? Definition, Formula, Examples

ARR is a key growth metric in the SaaS marketplace. We take a look at the definition, together with the formula for calculation, and some relevant examples.

Revenue Churn and Logo Churn

What’s the Relationship Between Revenue Churn and Logo Churn? 

When people talk about “churn,” it's often about logo churn. But you should also look at revenue churn. Here's what to know about these two SaaS metrics.


What Does Your LTV/CAC Ratio Tell You? 

The LTV/CAC ratio is a metric for analyzing the efficiency of company resources using a cost-benefit analysis of customer acquisition and retention processes.

Revenue Churn

How to Calculate, Track, and Analyze Revenue Churn

Revenue churn is a measure of how much revenue is lost in a set period due to customer churn. We look at how to calculate, track, and analyze revenue churn.

Marketing Technology Stack

How to Build a Marketing Technology Stack (MarTech Stack) for Your Startup

A lean marketing technology stack can help your startup automate many daily tasks. We look at how to build a MarTech stack and why startup teams should care about it.

Customer Acquisition Cost CAC

Why a Low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) Isn’t Always a Good Benchmark

Reducing CAC is one of the best ways to increase a company’s profitability and likelihood of success, but a lower CAC can also have unforeseen consequences.