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Looking to bring on that critical new hire or make essential payments? We can provide up to $3M in total capital funding—with the ability to mix and match based on your capital needs.

Revenue-Based Financing

Entrepreneur-friendly growth capital that scales with your company.

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Lighter Term Loan

A traditional loan structure with a forward commitment* for access to more capital in the future.

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Lighter Revenue-Based Financing Lighter Term Loan
Capital Needs Growth Capital Growth Capital
Common Use Cases Immediate access to growth funding now and potential for additional funds as your company grows Immediate access to growth funding now and pre-approval for additional funds
Funding Structure Revenue-based loan that scales with your company’s performance. No fees. Traditional loan with forward commitment.* No fees.
Repayment Schedule Flexible payments based on your company’s ups and downs Fixed payments to better manage costs
Equity Warrants Not required Not required
Not required Not required
Board Seats Not required Not required
Funding Available Up to $3M in total capital funding, with the ability to mix and match fund structures based on needs
Tech companies (Software, SaaS, tech services, etc.)
$15K MRR (average minimum)
Based in the U.S. or a subsidiary in the U.S.

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Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive debt capital to early stage startups.


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Retain ownership and control

Diversify funding sources to keep your options open and retain ownership and control. We won't ask for equity, personal guarantees, or a board seat.

Ease of access to capital

Up to $3M in total capital funding, with the ability to mix and match based on needs.


Funding based on what you’ve built—not who you know. Tech-enabled objective application process eliminates biases.

Innovative financial offerings

Financing to fit your stage of growth and business needs. Partnership with Silicon Valley Bank with services tailored for startups.

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