When Lighter Capital Makes More Sense

Early-stage startups with strong growth, great margins, little overhead and ever-expanding market opportunities make great investments. But they’re not always ready for VC funding – Lighter Capital helps them get there. Send them to us and we’ll help them become a better candidate for you.

When VC Funding Makes More Sense

Companies with higher valuations and strong revenue don’t need revenue-based financing to fund their growth. Taking VC money instead of debt financing means they won’t be saddled with repayments when the company is growing rapidly. When the time is right for them to bring seek an equity investor, we’ll introduce them to you.

When a Blended Approach Makes More Sense

Some startups might be in a better position to use a blended approach to fundraising, leveraging debt financing to grow the company and increase valuation, and then use their increased visibility and higher valuation to get a better deal when pursuing VC money. Let’s work together to help early-stage startups grow through each of our unique funding methods.

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