Act immediately on opportunities with access up to $3M in growth capital—now and in the future

Smooth out operational expenses

Access to capital now, smoothing out your operational expenses while you focus on growth.

Retain ownership and control

A low cost funding alternative to traditional equity or venture debt, since there’s no dilution (equity or warrant).

Peace of mind

A forward commitment, giving you peace of mind that you can draw on more capital in the future.

Learn how Lighter helped OnFleet grow to 1,000+ customers

“With our third financing from Lighter Capital, we chose the Lighter Term Loan because of its predictability. We know exactly how much we’re paying each month, regardless of the ups and downs in our sales cycle.”

Khaled Naim, Co-founder & CEO of OnFleet
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Why choose Lighter Capital?

Lighter Capital is the largest provider of non-dilutive debt capital to start ups. Over the past decade, we’ve invested hundreds of millions of dollars into growth companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Lighter Term Loan is a non-dilutive alternative for startups looking to quickly access up to $1M in growth funding. The Lighter Term Loan is structured as a standard loan with fixed monthly payment amounts that is paid back over a predetermined time frame consisting of a fixed monthly principal amount plus all interest that was earned on the existing loan balance the prior month.

During the application process, we will determine if you also qualify for a forward commitment in addition to a Lighter Term Loan, giving you immediate access to additional capital in the future without having to reapply.

A Lighter forward commitment is a pre-approved commitment by Lighter to provide an additional amount of funding to a company in the future. If you are interested in a forward commitment, the Lighter team will assess this during the application process for the Lighter Term Loan.

The minimum qualifications we look for include:

  • Tech companies (Software, SaaS, tech services, etc.)
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is an average minimum of $15,000
  • Based in the U.S. or a subsidiary in the U.S.

A Lighter Term Loan provides startups with a greater degree of downside protection via a higher probability of payment default if the business is having operational issues. The repayment of the Lighter Term Loan is a fixed monthly payment with a relatively fixed cost of funds—allowing you to better manage operational costs while pushing for growth.

In comparison, a Lighter Revenue-Based Loan gives borrowers more flexibility with variable monthly payments based on monthly net cash receipts—adjusting for the ups and downs of your company’s performance.

Interest is floating rate and is documented as a spread over the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. Each month your payment will include the prior month’s accrued interest based on your floating rate over the principal outstanding.

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